During the Freefall blog tour a couple of weeks ago, this vlog was posted.  I intended to embed it here the next day as well, but things kind of got away from me.  I thought I'd go ahead and show it to you now, in case you missed it and didn't want to continue missing it.

Fun facts about this video:

1.  This is a mini-tour of the fictional town, Kenburn, where Freefall takes place. 

2.  The particular locations shown here that make up some of "Kenburn" are located in Auburn/Pacific, Kenmore, Edmonds, and Olympia (all in Western Washington State) in real life.

3.  This was the first vlog that Intern Amanda and I shot together.  It was also only our second time ever having met.  (The first being the interview for the intern position.)  You can tell that I'm very self-conscious about blabbing to her about my book at these locations by the way that I don't even look at the camera for most of the filming.  We came a long way!

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