While making lunch today, I said to Dwayne,  "It's been pretty interesting reading reviews of Freefall and seeing how many readers seem to like Kendall.  She's been named as several people's favorite character, or at least second-favorite after Seth.  I didn't see that coming.  I thought that Rosetta and Kendall might tie for second-favorite or something, but it seems like Rosetta isn't really in the running."

A few hours later, I came across a new review on Goodreads that said this:  This was a great book! Aside from the annoying character named Kendall, there was a very good plot line and interesting characters. . . I loved Rosetta, she was definitely my favorite character.

I have to admit, I literally LOLed when I read that.  It was as if the reviewer had HEARD me or something.  (Which is impossible in many ways, above all because the review was posted yesterday.)

Go Team Rosetta?

(Launch party recap and photos to come.  Tomorrow.  Or the day after.  But no later than that... I hope!)

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