Four things that please me this week:

1.  This is what all of my email in-boxes looked like yesterday:  Empty!  And the folders are all organized as well.  Of course, the emptiness hasn't continued since I put out an offer to mail FREE AWESOME BOOKMARKS (and the offer is still open, just so you know), but I'm keeping up on it.  So far so good.


2.  I have tickets to see Silversun Pickups on July 31st!

3.  Over 450 people have added FREEFALL on Goodreads!  And I don't even know most of them!


4.  As you might know, on Twitter, one can categorize the people they follow onto various lists for easier reading.  I often see my name on lists of "authors", "writers", "kidlit", etc.  But the other day, I saw that someone put me on a list of "funny-people."  Morgan thinks I'm funny!