Why do I only think to do these on late-Friday afternoon or Saturday morning?

1.  Tomorrow, it will be exactly FOUR MONTHS until October 5, 2010.  And you know what that means . . .  :-)

2.  Oh, and speaking of FREEFALL!  It is currently oot and aboot in some places of the world.  And, by that, I mean that it's getting advance reads by some Tenners, Traveling ARC Tours (starting tomorrow, I believe), and trade reviewers.  If it were possible to simultaneously scream, "Yaaaaaaay! and "Eeeeeeek!", I would do so. 

3.  I'm going to a vegan potluck birthday party this weekend.  I am not vegan; just a vegetarian (who doesn't eat any animals, including fish).  I wasn't sure what to bring, but luckily there was a cooking demonstration here at my office today by Kate Schenk!  She has is certified nutritionist who runs a blog called NudeFood.  Most of her recipes are not vegan (or vegetarian), but the spring rolls and Soba noodle salad she made for us were both easily adaptable to be, I believe.  And YUMMY.  So I might make one of those recipes.  Thanks, Kate!

4.  Two weeks ago, NBC aired the most horrifically spoilery "Next week on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS" that I've ever seen.  They gave away the Big Shocker for last week's episiode.  I still was affected when it all unfolded, but I can't even imagine the impact it would have had if those dillholes hadn't given it all away!

5.  Maybe I should switch to doing "Friday Four."  I can never think of a fifth item!