My publicist is working on setting up a book signing event in NYC the weekend after FREEFALL is released in October.  I don't know what's going to happen with that, but I'm moving forward as if she's already worked her magic.  What we're hoping for is an event on 10/10/10 with a group of other Tenners all signing with me.  Fun!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make decisions about a book launch event to take place in the Seattle area the following weekend on 10/17/10, perhaps.  This would be my official launch party.  I'm trying to figure out what type of venue would best meet my needs.  Basically, I don't know how many people to expect.  Maybe 50.  Maybe over 100.  Maybe somewhere in between.

I've visited several indie bookstores in the area and determined which won't work and which might work.  The two I'm leaning toward at this point are Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park and University Bookstore in Seattle.  I also have a meeting set up at a bistro very near my house who has offered to hold the event and will be putting together a quote for me next week.

I'm conflicted about what I should do.  My husband is really in favor of the bistro because it will be a nice gathering place where people can hang out, have some appetizers and drinks, and I can mingle, sign books, and have fun.  He pointed out that there won't be anyone trying to browse the poetry books to my right, or making an espresso, or answering the phones and stuff while I'm doing my reading .  It will just be all about my book and me and the people who came to celebrate with me.  This all sounds very good!  But ,of course, there's that whole money thing to consider.  Plus, I'd have to figure out a way to get a bookseller out to sell the books for me.  Is this as big a hassle as it sounds like?

The bookstore idea holds appeal for me because the venue would be free and . . . a bookstore!  It feels more, I don't know, official or something to have it at a place like that.  Like, "Hey, look friends and family!  You can buy books in a bookstore.  You can buy MY book in THIS bookstore."

Maybe people would be disappointed to come to a book signing that isn't at a bookstore.  Maybe it wouldn't be glamorous enough.  Or maybe they'd be disappointed to come to a book signing that is at a bookstore because they'd have to wait in line to talk to me for a few seconds and then bust out of there.

I've heard of some people having their launch at two locations on the same day.  The signing is at a bookstore and then the celebration at a restaurant afterward.  I just wonder how well that would work for me.  It sounds like double the work.  And would enough people come to the second portion to even justify it?  And also, we're talking about paying money again if I go that route.

I just don't know what will be best.