I decided today to rework my outline to figure out my next steps with my current project. 

Ten hours later, I was feeling . . . overwhelmed.

I have good scenes.  I know that I do.  I just don't have ALL the scenes I'm going to need.  I'm ripping out an entire subplot, and I think I've found one to replace it, but I don't know how it should all play out.  I don't know how it fits with the rest of what I'm trying to do.

Unrelated (SPOILER! but not really, as it turned out), I decided to pull up the original FREEFALL (at that time, THE FAKE MCCOY) draft and see if there are some deleted scenes I can post here closer to or after the release, just for fun .  I scanned through the draft and to my surprise and amazement, actually there aren't any deleted scenes.  Lots of things were altered and moved around and lots and lots of stuff was added in revisions, but there is very little here that wasn't used in some capacity.

That's exciting to me, actually!  Just one of those little reminders that I've done this before and I can do it again.

Anyway, I just found a file called "Old chapter drafts not likely to be used."  I'm pretty sure there are deleted scenes galore in there...