I've completed the copyedits.  I actually got through them last night, but decided to go over everything again today.  It was easier the second time because after spending so many hours with all those symbols, I understand them and am no longer afraid.

The punctuation situation was somewhat appalling, but I'm going to assume that a good portion of those "mistakes" were actually style preferences of Simon & Schuster and not just that I'm an idiot.  But who knows, really?  Other than that, there weren't a lot of suggestions for me.  The pages were marked up like crazy, but it was mostly about commas, hyphens, and some rearranging of words.

In related news, I wrote my dedication and acknowledgments at my editor's request today.  (Were those supposed to have been turned in with the draft?  Oops.) 

And now... I'm pretty much, like, done with this book!