I'm still working on my revisions. Half the time I feel like I'll never figure it out. The other half, I'm just sure that I'm on the right track. I have bunches of old emails from writer friends who are further along in this publishing process than I am. One said s/he didn't even know why her/his editor acquired the book; Editor wanted so many changes and s/he knew s/he could never pull them off to Editor's liking. One said that s/he was in a car in a snowstorm and thought maybe it wouldn't be bad to crash because then s/he wouldn't have to finish revisions. Others have just been overall stressed and worried and feeling like revising is taking over their lives.

I think all of these included a certain amount of exaggeration, but obviously there was truth in them because they were what the writers were feeling at the time. They didn't think they could do what was required of them.

And, guess what? They did do it. It all worked out in the finish!

I keep reminding myself that since others have felt the way I'm feeling and they eventually succeeded, it is likely I'll be able to do the same. I'll get to look back on these past few week and laugh at all my angst. That will sure be nice.