Two of the bands for which my husband plays drums (Alabaster and Switchblade & the Surgeon)  were involved in a Halloween show this year at The Mars Bar in Seattle.

The theme--much to my dismay--was "Zombie Massacre."  I'm so not into the macabre.

So, costumes were mandatory, and I really, really, really wanted us to be Barbie and Ken. But Dwayne felt like since he was in two of the bands and all that he should dress according to the theme.

Our compromise was to be Zombie Barbie and Zombie Ken:

Photobucket     Photobucket

These are our Before-We-Left-the-House and our After-Dwayne-Played-Two-Sets-and-Sweated-Off-Half-His-Makeup shots.  Can you tell which is which?

Overall, it was a pretty fun time.  I was happy with how the costumes turned out--particularly with my "B" chocker and Dwayne's awesome plastic 'do--but I do think my boobs should have been bigger.  The problem was that I just couldn't fit any more stuffing into the top of that dress.  As it was, I had mini-panic attacks for the first half of the night, which I came to realize were being caused from lack of oxygen.  (I was incapable of taking anything but shallow breaths whenever I was seated.)  I guess what I really needed was a dress with stretchy material up top.

Live and learn, eh?