Remember the deadline in my contract that I've been stressing out about all summer?  It was September 30th.  (Has recently been changed to "early December.")

Today is September 30th.

Today is also the day my editor completed and sent my revision notes to me.

I got an email from her this morning saying she mailed a hard copy of the manuscript with notes in the draft along with her letter.  I also received a forwarded email from my agent containing an attachment which is my editor's letter. 

Naturally, the attachment is a .docx, which I can't open on my computer. 

I sent Jim a note back, asking if he can convert it to an .rtf for me so I can open it.  He hasn't responded yet.

So, part of my notes are right here, in my house, but I can't see them.  ISN'T THAT JUST THE WAY?

(If Jim doesn't get back to me soon, I'm going to have to forward this to a friend who can open a .docx and convert it for me.  I've waited 4.5 months for these notes, and I refuse to wait one more day!)

Edit:  Jim pasted them into an email for me.  And now I'll try Melodye's plug-in link to see if that will work moving forward.  :-)