I have a hard time believing that my sandwich entry was the last time I updated this journal.  The reason I'm having such a hard time believing it is because I've tried to write other entries since and have FAILED. 

The most exciting of those was going to contain photos of certain actors portraying certain characters along with my amusing commentary.  Unfortunately, I was having Issues (note the captial "i") with the photo situation and gave up.  Seriously, where's a good place to get photos I can post in LJ entries with the least amount of hassle?  Does such a site exist?

In other news, today I posted an interview I did with Jennifer Brown, author of HATE LIST.  It was the second in my "Magic 8" series, but I put it over on the Tenners' page instead of here, 'cause that's what the deal was.  Check it out!

Oh, my husband and I bought an old/new car yesterday!  It looks pretty much like this one.    It's not necessarily what I would have chosen (la, la, la), but the Volvo is nicer than our old Honda that we're sick of and it serves many of our various car-having purposes, so I'm excited about it.  (See, wouldn't this be more fun with pictures on this page?  But I get so weary of all the steps involved in using photos!)

Hmm.  What else goes on? I got an email from Agent saying that Editor's revision notes should be ready in a few weeks.  So, that's good news!  I think I'll make a Seth playlist in preparation.  (I never made one for this book; I used to listen to the same CDs and songs over and over on repeat.   See how long it's been since I was working on this?  I didn't have an iPod back then!  Now I can put ALL the Seth songs in one collection.  To listen to over and over again...)   

And, my final bit of news to share at the moment:  I got a copy of my publishing contract in the mail yesterday.  I saw it all once before when I was signing it a few weeks ago.  Now, it has all the appropriate signatures, so it's a done deal!