I thought I should make this list before I get too old and forget. As it is, I already know I'm going to be missing lots of them. I'll come back and add more as I remember. Some of these were free tickets and I would not have gone at all had they not been free (will be marked by a *). Some were opening bands for the bands I actually went to see (marked by **). Others of these I chose on purpose because I was insane (will remain unmarked). Edit: In case I wasn't clear, others of these I chose on purpose and LOVED. And those will remain unmarked as well.

I have a very poor memory of the opening bands I've seen. Very few are on this list.

I can't decide whether to include the multitudes of bands I've seen who've played with Dwayne's band. Some of them have some level of notoriety (mostly locally), others might in the future. Is current national and/or international fame the big qualifying factor for whether a band should be on my list? Hmmmmm.

In approximate alphabetical order (because I can't really remember the chronological order):

30 Seconds to Mars (twice)(**the second time) Against Me!** Alabaster (too many times to keep track of) Andrew McMahon** Ash Audioslave Avett Brothers** Band of Skulls** Beck* Black Keys, The** Blind Melon Brian Bonz Cobra Starship** Crazy Town** Dave Matthew's Band (twice) Death Cab for Cutie (twice) Edison Glass** Eminem* Everything Is Energy (twice) Fun.** (twice) Gotye Graduate, The** Guster Hole Hush Sound, The** Jack's Mannequin** Kaskadia (WAY too many times to keep track of) Killers, The (twice) Kimbra Lenny Kravitz** Like, The** Limp Bizkit* Linkin Park Marilyn Manson Methods of Mayhem Metric Motion City Soundtrack** Mudhoney (twice) Muse (three times) My Chemical Romance Nightmare of You** (three times) Panic! At the Disco (twice) Paramore Pearl Jam Phoenix Plushgun Red Hot Chili Peppers (twice) Relient K** Senses Fail** Shotty Silversun Pickups Staind Stone Temple Pilots Strokes, The Supersuckers, The Switchblade and the Surgeon (too many times to keep track of) Tally Hall** U2 (three times) Unified Theory (four times, I think) VAST Violent Femmes, The Wages of Sin, The (ten+ times, I think) White Stripes, The Wynonna Judd (my first concert at age 16. I was in a country music phase.)