This revising thing has been quite an experience, I tell you what.

First, I was happy upon reading the notes and seeing how easy it was going to be.  Then I re-read and became terrified it would be too hard. 

I was in the groove.  Then I wasn't.

I was having a revision high and loving it.  Then I was having a set back and hating it. 

The revision was the best thing to ever happen to this manuscript!!!!   Then it was the worst because I destroyed everything that was good with my ineptitude.

I'm done now.  Kind of.  I know that it was a worthwhile revision and that it is a stronger manuscript as a result.  For sure

But of the ten things that needed attention, I'm still not feeling entirely great about two of them (including the bowling alley scene).  I don't know how to get to great, either.  I don't want to send it back to Agent until I can be confident that I pulled off everything he was looking for.  

At least I can turn off the Staind until I've figured out my next move!

Edit:  Interesting.  After cutting scenes, adding scenes, and changing scenes, my current draft is 36 words shorter than the previous one.