For the manuscript I'm supposed to be working on, one of the characters (Sean) excels at a particular sport.  It doesn't figure prominently into the storyline at all; it's just there to give him something to do and a goal for him to try to reach on his own time while he isn't spending time with the MC.  Unfortunately, the sport I chose is the same one played by the love interest in Seth's story.  Which... well, that's kind of stupid, right?  What I have makes sense for each of the stories and characters, but if I happen to get both of these novels published someday, readers might get the idea that I'm obsessed and/or non-creative about my characters extra-curricular activities!  

Today--after almost a month of pondering--I finally came up with something different for Sean to be into.  I'm still working hard to wrap my head around how it will fit in with the plot and story timeline I've already laid out, but I think it will be a great addition once I do so.  Much better than what I had before, because it can work in with Kae's goals as well. 

I'm excited because this is something I've never seen in YA, or in fiction at all!  Oh, but also?  I don't personally know anyone who is into it.  Which means I have A LOT to learn though my own devices.

I met a guy (which is how got the idea) who is an expert and can give me information later.  But, for now, I'm reading all I can online.  He gave me some magazines to check out, so I'll scour those, too.  And I'll definitely have to take a lesson.   It's expensive, but the first lesson is five hours long and goes through EVERYTHING.

Already, I can see that getting the details right for this is going to be a huge undertaking.   It should be cool, though!  I hope.