On television and movies, I constantly see this thing happen that would never, ever occur in my life.  It feels like a fairy tale to me.  A terrible and unpleasant fairy tale, I hasten to add.

That thing that happens?  People waking up in the morning and totally going at it with the person lying next to them!  Like, all passionately kissing with open mouths and tongues and stuff!  With what I assume to be bad breath!

Now, I've been kissed when I've awakened before.  I have!  On the cheek, forehead, or lips.  But I don't think saliva was exchanged.  I just... wouldn't care to have that happen.  Not until I've a) drank water, b) eaten something sweet, c) rinsed with mouth wash, d) popped a breath mint or gum, or e) brushed my teeth.  After I've done one of those things (particularly any of the last three), I am happy to engage in morning kissing, you know?  (And here's some TMI:  I do always keep gum and mints on my nightstand.)

When I see the passionate exchange of saliva in the morning happening on film, I'm always a little appalled.  And I wonder (aloud sometimes) if that kind of thing really goes on.  I've been told by a number of sources that it does, and that normal people aren't as weird about such things as I am.  Huh.

So, tonight, I saw a movie.  Two characters woke up in bed together.  One of them grabbed a pack of gum from the nightstand, unwrapped a piece and started chewing, and then offered a piece to the other person.  They chewed and talked for a couple of minutes.  All the while, it was obvious that they were using the gum specifically to make their breath pleasant for morning kissing.  When it finally happened -- the kissing -- I applauded. 

Somehow, it was one of the most amazing and realistic filmed scenes I've ever seen.