Disclaimer:  I'm not trying to be all complaining or sound high maintenance here.  Not at all.  I just needed to, you know, freak out a little.

I've been having occasional bouts of paranoia during the past few days.  Mainly, I've been wondering:  Do I really have an agent?

The reason this particular worry has come over me is because I mailed my signed agency agreement on January 13th, but it hasn't come back to me yet.  I know he received it at his office because he told me so! 

So, I'm thinking thoughts like:  Did I imagine the whole him-offering-to-represent-me thing? I don't have anything in writing; it was only discussed over the phone.  So, maybe I misheard him!  Hmm.  But there's this agency agreement in my email account.  I didn't conjure that up on my own.  And he wouldn't have sent it to me to look through if he didn't really want to be my agent, right?  Right.  So, I must not have imagined it.  Oh, no!!!!!! But what if he changed his mind after we had those discussions?

My revision notes haven't arrived which is contributing to my fear.  He told me upfront it would take "about three to four weeks" for him to get those over to me.  As of today, it's been three weeks plus three days.  So, we're still totally in the time frame.  And even if it takes a little bit longer, well, he did say "about."  It's good.  It's cool.  He has things going on, lots of clients, and sales he's making, etc.  I just can't stop thinking about it because this is all I have going on at the moment. 

Also.  Also!  Someone from NYC has been visiting this journal a lot lately.  Nearly daily.  And three times just today!  Is it him?  Do I want it to be him?  And what about Facebook?  He has one.  Should I ask to be his Facebook friend?  Or... no?  Probably no.  He's friends with some of his other clients, but maybe he wouldn't want to be mine.  Maybe it would be weird?  Because I don't know for sure if he's really my agent!

Okay.  Done for now.  Phew.