On Thursday, I wore a skirt with striped socks just like these:

Let me tell you, wearing socks this bold really get people's attention. I wasn't, like, trying to get attention. I  bought them because they were super-cheap ($3.00) and different from plain old black.  It was crazy and unexpected how much coworkers and strangers alike noticed and commented.

Everyone stared.  One woman pointed and laughed.  (Really!  Right in front of me.)  One said that I was just proving the age-old argument against wearing horizontal-stripes because "they make even your legs look wide!" (Um, thanks?)  One was very enthusiastic and said, "Girl, you are working those socks!"

So, yeah.  Striped socks on a generally conservative-ish dresser seemed to throw everyone off kilter.  I'm almost afraid to wear them again. 

Also, apparently these are "witch socks."  Is that just because of the the Wizard of Oz and the shriveled feet under the house?  Or is there more to it that I don't know?  When I bought them, I was thinking they were more like old-fashioned jail clothing.