Stephanie Perkins and I must be each other's dopplegangers. Not only do we have many, many things in common (such as husbands who are drummers and love for the movie ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), but we also accepted offers of representation from agents on the same day. Yay! Here's a little of what I did during the last week:

Tuesday. January 6, 2009: Photobucket

3:30pm-ish. My sweet husband brought this home for me about two hours after Jim McCarthy telephoned offering representation. I haven't quite figured out my new camera (still!), so please ignore all the blurry and pretend it was all for, you know, a cool effect or something.


5pm-ish. This is what I looked like--all day--the day I got the call from Jim. (Yes, those are Hello Kitty pajama bottoms.)

Saturday. January 10, 2009: Photobucket

5:30pm-ish. This was taken right before my husband and I left for my company party. I'm looking away from the camera so I won't close my eyes like I usually do when flash is involved. Also, my expression is somewhat miserable and tense because I'm anxious about the party, and about the fact that I still have to wait until freaking MONDAY to call Jim. Oh, the humanity!

Monday, January 12, 2009: Photobucket

7:30am-ish. This is me right before leaving for the office in my new "I'm going to have an agent in less than two hours!!!!" outfit. (Actually, it's a cute little dress that I ordered for myself online on Christmas. This was the first time I could wear it because I had to buy the black turtleneck separately. I got a bunch of compliments on it, by the way. More than I have for any outfit in recent times.)


4pm-ish. This is me at the clinic where I work, chilling in the supply closet. By this time, I've already had an agent for seven hours. I look less excited only because I'm tired, my boots are killing me, and I'm trying really hard not to keep from closing my eyes for the picture.

Tuesday. January 13, 2009 Photobucket

2:45pm. Look, I am sending away my signed agency contract! I'm also holding the envelope in front of my chin so no one will see the zit that showed up yesterday!