I fell down at my bus stop today.  I don't know how it happened.  I think I tripped over my wheely bag thing filled with work stuff that I have to drag downtown every week.  That's my best guess. 

But, yeah, I fell in front of dozens of strangers.  I ruined my favorite pants and bled from the knee.  The rest of the day didn't improve much.  How could it when every time I glanced down I could see the rip in my favorite pants?  How could it when every time I took a step I could feel the pain? 

And then I went to Safeway where they didn't have cherries!  Which I needed for the pie I'm making for my sister's birthday this weekend!  So, I had to go to Top Foods to get them!  Ack!

Anyway, other than the pants and cherry dramas of today, things have been going well enough.  Well, unless you want to include the dining room chair drama of two days ago.  Which... I don't.  So, let's not.

I'm very glad I'm taking a break from writing fiction right now.  I'm not getting nearly the amount of reading time in that I'd hoped (isn't that always the way?) because I'm so busy with the cleaning, shopping, organizing, and baking.  So far, I've seriously been putting in as much time doing those things as I did into writing (or... attempting to write) at my desk.  Which means I'm tired and losing weight from all the movement of my body happening.   I need to continually remind myself to eat more and drink water. 

So, that's what I'm up to.  I've been coming up with ideas for Kae's story.  Things that will make my hook a little more enticing.  Things that I will be excited to write.  I'm still nowhere near certain which of these vague ideas I want to incorporate, but maybe by January 6th (which will likely to be the day I'll come back to writing), I'll have something good and exciting.