Apparently, I signed up for Goodreads at some point in my life because when I went to the site and logged in with one of my email addresses and one of my passwords, it worked.  I entered in a few books I've read.  What an amazing time-suck this will be!  Anyway, if anyone wants to be Goodreads friends (or whatever they call contacts there), I'm cailet25 at hotmail dot com.

One thing that strikes me so far is the rating system for books:  1. didn't like it.  2. it was okay.  3.  liked it.  4. really liked it.  5.  it was amazing.

It's skewed from how I usually rate things.  I generally think of a 1-5 ranking as a letter grade system like in school.  1=F, 2=D, 3=C, 4=B, 5=A.

So, something I would have given a D or an F would both get graded as a 1 on Goodreads.  C=2.  B=3.  A=4.  A+= 5.

Which means I use a lot of 3s & 4s, and am pretty stingy with the 5s.  I wonder if anyone else finds this to be true of how they do their ratings, too?