Those of you who read Nathan Bransford's blog will probably recognize one of the queries on his latest entry.

Why did I enter? Well, because I happened to read Nathan's blog today at 10:28 am. He posted the entry at 10:24 am. Most of the time, when I click on his blog and he's having a contest, I'm hours, even days too late. This time, I was right on time. So, I posted my query.

The cool thing is that he wrote to me this afternoon, requesting a partial!!! He'd sent me one of his 15-minute-later rejections when I queried him with my original version in March.  After getting my entry today, he pulled up my old query from his e-mail and wrote back saying, "I knew I had seen this one before!"  And he asked for 30 pages.

The less cool thing is that I feel kind of weird about his compliments on the blog, since mandywriter  helped a lot with it.  I mean, basically, she wrote it.  Then I then changed around the words to make it sound more like Seth.  And like me.  So, I feel like I'm getting more credit with that than I should.  I feel kind of awkward about it...