There are other places where I can ask this question, but I'm just checking here first to see if anyone knows and can help me out quickly.  I'm setting up a scenario where my character was pregnant.  She had really brutal morning sickness for much of her first trimester.  Then, she went in for a routine appointment and learned that the fetus had died.  So, she had no bleeding or other symptoms of miscarriage and no suspicion whatsoever; she only  learned about it because the doctor can't find a heartbeat during the exam. 

What I'm trying to figure out is whether the morning sickness would have stopped because the fetus died?  Or would everything continue on like normal until her body has gone through all the phases of becoming, um, unpregnant? 

I need to know this because I need to know if she is still feeling poorly like she was all along, or if something should have changed.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer!  (And if, for any reason, you prefer to answer this question privately, please send me a private message through lj or email me at mindirochelle -at- yahoo -dot- com