I just got a rejection on a full.  This one is particularly hard because this agent has had it for SO LONG.  Since April.  She was upfront when she asked for it, saying it would be three to four months before she responded.  It's been longer. 

So, this agent has been a contender in my mind almost since I started querying.  I had a lot of hope for her.  I'm glad this rejection came today, though.  My birthday is in three days and I would have hated to get it then.

The rejection:

Hi, Mindi--

Thank you so much for sending THE FAKE MCCOY for me to consider. I enjoyed that sample chapter I read early on, and appreciated being able to delve deeper into the story.

Unfortunately, as I read on, I didn't find myself drawn in the way I need to be in order to pursue things further. It's clear you are a terrific writer and this is a strong, marketable concept--it just doesn't feel quite to my tastes. I'm just sorry that it took me so long to get you such a lame response--my reading pile has been out of control.

I wonder if you've tried [agent] by any chance? I think it might be much more suited to him, and I'd be happy to refer you his way (and pave the way with an email to him) if you'd like. I would think that [agent] at [agency] might be interested in this, as well, and could provide a referral to her as an alternate, or in turn, as you like.

Thank you again. I hope all is well with you!



So, obviously this is a pretty cool rejection since it has potential to turn into something good.  This is my first time having an agent offer to refer me to other agents.  Yay!  I always wondered what that would feel like.  It's pretty great, I have to say.   I can't take her up with the second name because another agent at that agency has a partial already, but I am happy to receive a referral for the first agent she mentioned!

Now, I need to stare at the walls for a few minutes to try to shake off the disappointment of this rejection.  Don't mind me...