Even though I'm old and married and all, I get crushes all the time.  Sometimes, these crushes are on characters from books, media, and um, Harry Potter fanfic.  Occasionally, I crush on actors and boys in bands.  For months, I had an ongoing crush on a Chevy Nova at my park & ride.  (No, really.)  But, most often, these crushes are on real people -- guys -- that I encounter. 

Currently, my big old crush is on a co-worker.  He's cute and friendly-seeming.  (I've never spoken to him to know for sure about that last part.)  He looks like he's in his early-twenties.  (Then again, some people think I look like I'm in my early-twenties, but I'm older than that!)   I looked for his photo in the employee directory and there discovered his name.  Which is an unusual one that I wasn't familiar with, but that I now like a lot. 

Now, I have a bigger crush on his name than on him.

Anyhow, my manager had me take a walk in the sun with her this afternoon.  As we were riding down the escalator, Cute Young Boy With Cool Name was riding up.  He waved and smiled in recognition of us.  I gave only a tiny smile in return and continued my conversation as if he hardly existed while my heart beat all crazy like.