I've noticed a trend in movies and television where characters who are writers get writer's block--often while working on Book 2.   And when this happens, their editors or agents hop in planes or limos and travel to the writer's town to motivate that wacky writer into get her/his act together.  Because they are DESPERATE to publish Book 2!

Does this ever happen in real life?

I mean, really! 

Does it?

Also, do editors and writers ever actually travel back and forth to, like, edit projects together in person?  I mean, wouldn't they just talk on the phone and use e-mail for all that?

See, I do sometimes scoff when I see stuff like this on movies/TV.  But then I think that maybe I'm just all out of the loop and clueless!  Otherwise, why would the same thing keep coming up in different stories?

(Assuming I'm right to scoff, though.  Really, why would script writers depict the process in this way?  Is that how the film industry works so they assume publishing is the same?)