In my first chapters, I like to leave out details to make readers wonder about certain things. You know, just sprinkling in a few little hints so they'll wonder, "Hmmm. What's that about?"

But this story I'm starting has many mysteries to come later, so I'm thinking I should just be upfront at the start with what Kae believes to be the truth of her circumstances.  

I put this together to introduce the marriage/miscarriage on page three instead of holding it back:

He’s tilting his head a little, trying to make me smile, I think.  What he wants to get across is, “See, Kae?  We’re married teenagers who have nothing in common except our baby who didn’t even make it past the twelfth week of your pregnancy.  But the good news is that I know you well enough to know you hate gross kitchens. In conclusion, we’re going to be okay.”

Of course, I could be giving him too much credit with all that.  

I intended that there be an implied wink to readers there.  I mean, she's imagining him saying something he would never say outright, obviously.  It's supposed to be kind of funny, kind of sad, as well as a very straighforward device to sum up how she sees their relationship.  But now I'm wondering if it's just sloppy and if the narrative would be better served to hold back the details until page six or seven and surprise readers right along with Brother-In-Law.

I know.  No one can really have an answer for me, not having read it in context.  I'm just wasting time pondering like I always do!