I'm trying to decide on a title for my current WIP.  (I promise, I'm not obsessing here.  I am getting a lot done with it.  But I think it's time to narrow a title down, so I don't keep saying "The project I might call [one thing], [one other thing], or [one other other thing]."   I'm leaning a particular way right now, but I'm curious what you all think.  And, okay -  I admit it! - I also just really like making polls.)

Here's a condensed-ish pitch:   

Kae Roberts is only sixteen, but she feels about one hundred.  During the past few months, she’s hooked up with prep-school guy Jason Gunnar, become pregnant, had a falling out with her best friend and her mother, gotten married, and suffered a miscarriage.


Now, six weeks before the start of Kae’s senior year—if she can get up the nerve to go back, that is—Jason’s younger brother shows up for a surprise visit.  And that's when Kae learns that Jason didn’t tell anyone in his family about the baby, their marriage, or even of her existence.  She probes for a reason, but Jason refuses to explain.  So, while Kae’s easy-going brother-in-law enlists her participation in a 17 Before 17 challenge—seventeen life-changing activities to complete before their seventeenth birthdays next month—Kae decides the one thing she needs to do above anything else this summer is find out what else Jason is hiding… and why.