I might call my new ms JAY, KAE & ELLE.  Or SHOTGUN WEDDING.  Or something else I haven't thought of yet.  But for now, I will call it JK&L.  Because that's what the first title sounds like phonetically, and I like it very much.

I had to fill in at work for a coworker yesterday.  Yuck.  But!  I got to spend some downtime making notes in my journal.  I worked up a complete character profile for Jay and a partial one for Kae.  It was all very exciting to me.  

I don't know why I started with Jay when Kae is going to be the first-person protag.  (Because he's a boy and that POV feels more natural to me simply because I once wrote some other boy for 1.5 years?)  But it was interesting to do so.  I don't think readers are going to like him since he's a manipulative, pathological liar who will cause much angst and confusion for the MC.  It was weird, though.  As I was writing up the backstory that shows how he came to be like this, I really got him and started thinking, "Wow!  He would be a facinating character to carry this story if I wanted to go that way!"

Which, I don't want to go that way.  It was only a passing thought.  But it is satisfying to know that my villain has enough depth that he could be some kind of bizarrely tragic hero if this were his story.