suggested I keep querying instead of being all defeated-ish, and she suggested a few agents I hadn't tried yet.  So, I'm going forward with that.

I sent one this morning before getting in the shower.  When I came out, I had two new messages from the agent.  (Karen:  it was JS!)    

The first:  I would love to see the first three chapters, if you could send them via attachment?  I look forward to reading!  All best

The second:  Oh, well look at that.  I was so excited I didn’t even see that they were attached!  <g>

Her submission guidelines actually say to send a query with three chapters attached.  (Which I did do, of course.)  So, getting a request for three chapters isn't anything extraordinary here.  But, still.  She used the word "excited."  And multiple exclamation points!  Seems like a positive sign.