From a December 2007 entry: 1. Finish THE FAKE MCCOY. *Not done yet. Still working on it.

2. Get THE FAKE MCCOY out of here! *Ditto above.

3. Enter a literary contest. *I have my submission printed and ready to go! I just need to head to the post office today to mail it.

4. Attend a writers' conference. *I'm paid and registered. I have my submissions for consultations and panels printed and ready to for that post office trip I just mentioned.

5. Start writing something new. *Nope, not ready to do this. But I'm narrowing down ideas in my head. When I'm not thinking about Seth, I mean.

6. Sing karaoke at a bar. *I don't even know if I've been to a bar where karaoke is sung this year. I still plan to do this though. I still have nearly eleven months left to accomplish this one. I have to say, it seems to get scarier the longer I put it off.

Hooray! 2008 is already looking much better than 2007 ever was!