In my manuscript, almost everyone has lost someone. For most of them--including the protag--it was a kid they were all friends with who died a month before the story started. For one girl, it was her parents. There is a conversation between the protag and the girl about dreams they have about the ones who passed away. How in their dreams, they'll sometimes learn that the people in question never died at all. It was all a misunderstanding or a trick and they are always so happy. But then they have to wake up and realize that the dream was the trick. Their day is thrown off before it even begins. Sometimes even their whole week.

I honestly don't know how common these sorts of dreams are for people who have lost someone. But I know that I had them after my grandma died when I was seventeen. It was just like the characters described. So much relief and happiness that she was alive; depression to wake up and find out it isn't true.

I think that this particular conversation and the characters' reactions as they are able to finish each other's sentences as it goes on is one of my favorite parts of the whole story. Somehow, it makes me feel less alone in my own experience, like someone gets it. Which is crazy, because, yeah, I wrote it. My hope, though, is that someone else will read it someday and see that someone else does get it.