I've just registered for SCBWI Western Washington's Annual Conference which is taking place in Bellevue, Washington. Today was the very first day of registration. Can you say, "totally on top of it"?

It's weird that I'm actually doing this. I attended two writer's conferences in 2005 and got addicted. And when I say addicted, I mean that I thought I'd be going to two or three a year forever more, but what actually ended up happening is that I consider going to two or three a year, but don't go to any.

I'm feeling kind of intimidated now. I have to mail in certain pages before February 29th for the manuscript consultation and workshop. But the conference isn't until the end of April. What if I already have an agent? (I know, nice dream. But it could happen!) What if I've started a new project that needs agent/editor feedback more than THE FAKE MCCOY? Yarg.

Anyone else planning to attend?