In my class, there is a woman who has proved herself to be abrasive and possessing of little patience and tact in her dealings with our class. In the first chat she said that no one's opinions matter to her except the instructor's.

Okay, then. Should I not waste my time offering critiques for her? Sounds terrific to me.

For our 15-page assignment last week, she posted the question: How many words on a page? What is the required word count?

The instructor said she isn't going to be picky about word count or margins. She just wants to see everything double-spaced and no more than 15 pages each week. (And, if we can't keep up at that pace, it's no problem at all. Less than 15 is perfectly acceptable.)

So, Cranky Lady posted hers today. She uploaded 25 pages. With only 1.5 spacing. When I adjusted it on my end to double-spacing, it is now 34 pages. That's two weeks worth of homework that she expects the instructor (and the rest of us losers, too?) to read for her this week.

What. The. Hell.

I like to do my critiques in order because it makes me paranoid when people skip mine and do crits for people who turned theirs in after me. But I don't want to do hers! I already read most of it and I have things to say, but I'm so annoyed. I really want to call her out on it, even if it's only in a "Bless you heart! You sure are keeping us busy by turning in two week's worth of homework this week!" way.

It isn't my place to say anything. It just bugs me that she would deliberately break the rules when she is the one who asked for the clarification in the first place.