For my class, I'm supposed to turn in 10-15 polished pages every week starting this week. (The first week we submitted story ideas, the second week was outlines. This is the first time posting parts of our actual stories.) I just uploaded mine, which ended up being a one-page prologue* (because my husband adores it and said I shouldn't cut it), the first chapter, and the first scene in the second chapter.

I'm afraid to be optimistic, but... I think I am! I think it's good. It's the best opening I've ever written for this story. At least, I hope so...

Oh, dear.

I am going to be going CRAZY for the next week, waiting for the feedback to come in. Now I just need to finish reworking my outline and writing the next fifteen pages to get my mind off it.

*It's a revised version a my most recent Tuesday Teaser posted a few weeks ago