My class is going pretty well so far. Most of the other students seem like swell people. We've all posted our story ideas and gotten our feedback. The critiques have been thoughtful, helpful, and not at all appalling like some of the ones when I took this class the last time around. I think this has a lot to do with the instructor. So far, she is really pleasant to work with. I think her manner just rubs off on the rest of us. (Or maybe we're all just pleasant on our own; I don't know.)

I turned in my outline already--nine days early! I didn't mean to. It was sort of a miscommunication thing. But, my assignment is posted. Several others followed suit. And now I wait for the feedback. The suspense is killing me! I log into the "classroom" off and on all day to see if anyone has left me feedback, but they haven't! Meanwhile, the person who posted directly after me has received feedback from five people so far.

Is my story just so confusing/poor/involved/something! that no one wants to take the time? Argh! I know, I'm ahead of myself. The homework isn't even due until Tuesday, the 3rd. I just really, really want to know what people think!