It's been a little weird around here since I read my "first draft" last week and realized it is not the story I meant to write. And that I don't like the story I wrote. I'm not wallowing in misery or anything; I'm just pondering my next move. So, instead of pushing forward like I'm always trying to do, I've been actively NOT writing. I just applied for a 12-week online YA writing course set to start late-June. (I did this class in the fall of 2006 with a different instructor.) There is no obligation at this point, but since I've taken the time to apply and I since feel like this is the right direction to go right now, I think I'll probably end up in the class. (Well, unless they reject me for some strange reason, which I really don't see happening. Oh, can you imagine how shocked I'll be if I don't get in now?)

I researched writers' conferences again and I definitely want to go to the Surrey conference in late-October this year. There are at least five agents on the list looking for YA there, several of whom sound terrific. I'm pretty much planning to be there unless I have an agent before then. My goal now - no matter what! - is that THE FAKE MCCOY will be ready to submit and pitch in time for the conference.

After almost a week off, I'm almost ready to come back and see if I can get started writing a first chapter I can love. One thing that's really nice is that the way my schedule works out with the Memorial Day holiday, I get six days off in a row starting on Friday! That should be a great time to make progress.