Today hasn't been a great day. I printed and read my draft, which I was really hoping would be close to ready in June. Well, it isn't going to be ready. Despite having a beginning, middle, end, and over 54,000 words, it's just not coherent. There are good scenes - lots of them! - but it's not where it should be.

My cousin has REM's "Everybody Hurts" as the default song on her MySpace. I was innocently clicking along on pages, like you do. And then I heard the song. And listened to it the whole way through. And... well, I cried just about the whole way through it, too. Head on desk, shoulder-shaking sobs.

I guess I feel better now. I've resigned myself to working on THE FAKE MCCOY all summer long. My new goal as of right now will be September 1st. That will be one year to the month from when I first started it.

Now I'm just trying to decide whether to let the agent who was curious and asked to see it "when it's polished and ready" know not to expect it until this fall or whether I should just keep working on it and send it whenever it's finally ready. Will he appreciate that I'm thinking of him and keeping him in the loop? Or will I just seem unreliable if I keep bringing this much-delayed project to his attention?