This morning, I applied for the writing program that I linked to in my last entry. I don't know for sure that that I want to do it, but since I'm leaning that way, I thought it would be better to apply and change my mind rather than to NOT apply and wish I had. Apparently they will get back to me before tomorrow. In other news, a recent rejection letter described my manuscript in this way: ...What you have here is a coming of age story, one that meanders and is a bit soul-searching.

The agent went on to say that this is "fine" but not quite what he was looking for.

I've thought about that letter a lot since I received it.

Coming of age. Yes. That is true. That was always my intention. In fact, I thought it was described as such in my query letter. (It turns out that those words were edited out of my latest version. I've put them back in.)

Soul-searching. Definitely! That is very much what I wanted to accomplish. Hooray!

one that meanders... The definition of "Meander" according to

1 : to follow a winding or intricate course 2 : to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination : RAMBLE

I'm feeling it for definition #1. But #2, not so much.

My goal is that my next project will be coming of age. It will be soul-searching. It will NOT meander.