Today was such an incredibly boring day. Liz was absent. I swear, she always gets out of school. I don't know what to do about Christmas presents this year. I really do want to buy like Dylan, Liz and my mom something, but I really wan't afford it. It will take up my whole paycheck. And I was saving up that money for clothes, a ski jacket, skip pants or whatever I decided on. I feel kind of guilty not buying them anything. What should I do?

I guess Dylan has been telling Mikey stuff about me. That we've french kissed and "did stuff in the rain." Whatever. I don't even want to know what they talk about.

Dylan really freaked me out today. I went into an empty classroom after school to see what time it was and he came behind me and closed the door. I don't know what horny thing he had in mind, but I quickly started a conversation and got out of that room!