I didn't have school today due to Teacher's Inservice day. I don't know what the means exactly, but I got stuck home alone with Lindsey and Keeler. My day was so dull. I finally made my kid a head. I got nylons the part where the top part is. You know, the waist band down to the thighs and cut them apart from the leg part. Then I stuffed it with cotton. Somehow I made it round. I don't know how. Trust me, it was a memorable experience. He has arms and legs too. He's an ugly little kid. I drew with markers brown hair, brown eyes, freckles and a round nose. His mouth is open so he can drink a bottle and suck his pacifier. He is really funny looking.

Right now, he is wearing a Winney the Pooh outfit. He also has a Big Bird outfit, and a sweatshirt and jeans. He'll wear the same green socks every day. I hope everyone doesn't laugh at how ugly he is. Poor, poor little Keeler.

I really don't know what to do about Dylan. We haven't kissed, but he told Mikey (and I quote), "I wish this school was smaller so I could take Mindi somewhere and do stuff with her."

That's what Mikey told me that he said. I about died when I heard that. Why does he act like he doesn't want me, but then he goes and tells people stuff like that? He's been telling people that he wants to kiss me. Why doesn't he just do it? It's just a small step and it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Really. And he is a boy.

Every time I ponder this, I get really hyper and keep wondering why? We have been together for, what? At least a month, right? So we should feel comfortable enough to just go for it. Adults will sleep together when they've been seeing each other for a month. And me and Dylan can't even kiss?

That's it! Tomorrow--unless we are fighting or he is absent--I am going to definiately kiss Dylan. I am. I will kiss him tomorrow. No if, ands, or buts. We will kiss.

Let's see. I need a punishment for if I don't do it. I will have to eat poop. Nah, that's a bit extreme and so not sanitary. Okay. I got it. I will have to smear toothpaste on my entire face and leave it on for the whole night if I don't kiss Dylan on the lips. Here's my signature! [signature] Just you wait until tomorrow!