Today was an interesting day, in a way, but it was also kind of dull. We had band today. Usually, it's on Tuesdays, but today we switched it for some reason. Me and Dylan still have not kissed. It might have even happened today if not for Mikey. He had to butt his nose in, as usual, and start asking his 20 questions--have you guys held hands, kissed, etc. That meant I couldn't kiss Dylan today because then he'd think I was just trying to impress Mikey. I could definately see him getting mad about that. I mean, I would be if he seemed to have no interest in kissing me, but only did because of Mikey.  Of course, I have been wanting to kiss him for longer than that, but Dylan wouldn't know that.

Today, for a change, I (we) had so many opportunities. It was weird. I guess everyone wanted to leave us alone today. Thanks a lot! On a day that we can't kiss! Maybe tomorrow. Damn. Ya know, I have spent so much time worrying about this, he had better be a good kisser.

If someone were to ask me if he's cute, I don't know what I'd say. His hair has a reddish tint in it. His eyes are so brown they're almost black. He has light freckles on his nose. He's tall and very skinny. Well not, too skinny, but very skinny.

I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH DYLAN! It just looks like I am!

I've noticed with him that the second he starts to get super affectionate with me, I back off. But when he stops, I feel more comfortable with him and therefore I hug him and stuff on my own without feeling weird. I wonder how he feels about this. It makes me feel kind of guilty because I'm the one who gets to call all the shots.

I think he was attempting to murder me today. He put his hands on my throat. I got mad and did it to him. Then he did it again later in the day. I don't know why he is doing that. It's scary. Auuggh.