Today was basically a dull, boring, ordinary day for me. Nothing new and exciting. There are some things that would be quite beneficial for you to know since it's been like 3 weeks since I've written in this thing. 1. Mignonne came up for here for my birthday. We has a blast. (I hate that phrase.)

2. Dylan asked me out again -- on my birthday. I turned him down.

3. Curt is trying to get together with me again.

4. Me and Dylan are back together now - it was my idea.

5. Dylan has braces now.

6. We got a new kid in our school. I think he might be a homicidal maniac. I'm scared of him.

7. We have been playing football for P.E. I could about puke.

8. We are having ASB elections tomorrow. I am running against Curt for vice-president.

9. I am the assistant yearbook editor.

10. Curt told me how much he likes me and how incredibly hurt he is that I'm going out with Dylan again.

11. Tori was saying some pretty lude stuff about me and Dylan today. She claims it was "just to make him mad because he's such an asshole." Whatever. I don't care anyway.

12. Renee broke up with her boyfriend last week.

13. I am starting to wish Dylan would break up with me.

14. Today, Troy told me he likes my voice and how I talk.

15. Right now, I am so tired that I'm about to collapse.

16. See ya later. Love ya!