I am now a sophmore and I still go to school in Olympia. My purpose in writing on this day of darkness is to complain about Dylan. He asked me out on September 3rd. That was the first day of school. I accepted. At that time, I really liked him and thought he was a real sweetheart. Then as the days progressed, it became quite apparent to me what he was after and I started to get worried. On September 15th, I broke up with him. I was very nice about it and gave him all legitamate reasons (I.E. bad timing, I had alot of stress right now, etc.) I thought he understood. He was really quiet and then said something like, I guess I know what you mean."

I felt so awful when I left him I was crying. I thought that would be the end of it. I thought that a) we could be friends and maybe go out again someday or b) we'd remain friends and both go for someone else.

Apparently none of these things were meant to be. I have tried to be nice, to be his friend. He is not responding. He totally ignores me and walks through the hall like he's a stoner or something. Everyone says that he hardly talks anymore.

The day I broke up with him, he went back to class and started crying during class.Tori asked him if he wanted her to beat me up (she claims that she was joking). He said, "No, I love her."

So I called him one night and I started crying on the phone! I was so mad at myself. So the next day he came to me during my lunch and told me that the wanted to talk to me. So I went out in the hall. He said, "Why were you crying last night?" So I said, "I was being a wimp."

So he said he'd been crying alot too. So I asked if he was a wimp too. Anyhow, I thought everything was okay and that we were going to be friends, but then on Monday he was a real jerk. He was ignoring me and I tried to be nice and talk to him and he was such an a-hole. I wanted to strangle him. So I started yelling at him and told him to go away because I was sick of him being so rude. So today I ignored him and was totally bitchy. I guess he got the hint because he just called me a few minutes ago.

I just realized for the first time that he is really weird. This is Dylan's definition of talking on the phone: I talk and he listens. Occasionaly he throws in a couple of "ohs" or something, but that's it.

He did say one thing that I'm confused about. He said that I make him feel like an idiot.

Well, I gotta go now.