Dear Carnation, This is pretty depressing. There is only 20 pages left in this book! That means only 10 more entries at the most, if I only wrote 2 pages a day.

I've cooled down slightly since yesterday. I guess I said some pretty mean things. I'm sorry to fill you with such filthy language. That's just how I am when I get mad.

You-Know-Who's name is now "Jerk", okay? Maybe I'm being a bit immature about this situation, but I believe that I'm entitled. I feel very hurt right now. That Jerk still hasn't written me back and I'm sure he received the letter on Monday. Maybe even Saturday. I'm starting to get mad.

Calm down.

Okay. I'm fine.

I think my biggest mistake is that I started to care too much and I TOLD him how much I cared. I have confided in him about quite a few things. I can't think of anything really specific right now, but I know there were some things. I guess I never completely trusted him or I'd have told him more.

Sorry, but I'm sick of complaining about Jerk.

Campmeeting starts tomorrow!

Love ya!