Dear Carnation, Today Liz was absent. I knew that she would be. We had an Algebra retake test and a Biology test. That isn't fair at all!  Now she get a whole extra week to study.  (Next week is spring break.)  I wish I would have faked sick so that I could get a week to study. DAMN that makes me mad.  Oh well.

Yesterday Curt sat with me on the steps and helped me study for this test.  It didn't help much, but I thought it was really sweet of him anyways.  He is making me so mad.  He still hasn't asked me to the banquet.  I don't want to ask him.  That makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I miss him already.  Isn't that discusting?

Today Tara was singing this nasty song she sort of made up -- "All I wanna do is butt f*** you."  She was singing that to me!  So I said, "Really?  Do you really want to do that, Tara?"

She said, "I couldn't do that to you."  Then poor Curt was walking down the hall and she said, "But Curt could!"

I told her that was nasty.  Curt, unfortunately, heard his name so he's like, "What, what?"  He kept bugging me about it but I wouldn't tell him what she said so he was irrated.  He kept saying "You are going to tell me."

He walked me and my sister halfway to our car.  They hate each other.  He said he's going to call me next week.  I hope he does, even though I'm out of town.  I wonder if he's kept every letter that I've written him or if he just throws them away. He's written me two.  I told you about one of them.  The other one just said, "Hi Mindi. -Curt"  It was exciting, but I kept it anyway.  All the letters that I've written him have been pretty long.  I think I'll write to him during the trip.

Tara says that Evan has two people in mind to ask to the banquet.  she said she thinks one is me.  I hope Curt hurries up.  I think Evan might ask Tara. I kind of wish that he would.

I love you, the earth, my mom, my cats, Curt, and I can't think of much else.

Good night.  C ya later.