Dearest Carnation, I have to tell you right off:  I had a blast today.  I skiied most of the day with just Tara and it was really fun.  I made my first attempt at jumps here at Mt. Whistler.  It was kindof funny, but I had fun.  I never have been all that good at jumps anyways.

Tara and I went on a black diamond run (one of the hardest kind).  I think I might actually have had fun if it weren't so foggy out there.  I couldn't see where the heck I was going for most of that run.

For our lesson this morning our group got a different instructor.  His name is Dave and he is hilarious!  At first he went kindof too fast but then he slowed it down kindof so that we could catch up.

Compared to everyone else, I am fast and reckless.  The highlight of my day is to go as fast as I possibly can!  I love to speed up and take jumps.  The thing is, I can usually stop whenever I need to.  Oh, another thing that I love to do is when I'm coming to a stop to spray powder all over the person in front of me.

Good night!