Dear Carnation, Today was a weird day.  It was.  I don't know how to describe how I feel about today other than that.  It was a day for new beginnings.  A new semester - which means a new quarter.  Also a new week, a new computer class, I'm not in choir (Hallaluya!), and we got a new student.  She really sweet actually.  She's pretty funny too.

Today was also a weird day for me to be around Connor and Evan.  I was such an airhead today.

I still have my G.D. cough, still. I hate colds!  They are awful.

Anyways, I kind of wonder if Evan likes me.  He was a real sweetheart person to me today.  Actually, so was Connor.  Don't worry, Carnation, I'm sure my head won't be this big for long, so I may as well enjoy it.

Tara is mad at me.  I know she is because Liz told me.  You see, for the weekend we go skiing, my mom wanted me to stay at someone's for the weekend so that she would not have to haul my butt all the way to Olympia on Sunday morning.  Liz said she was grounded and I couldn't come to her house.  I asked Tara if she knew someone I could stay with.  She said that she would ask if I could stay with her.

So today Liz told me that her parents changed their minds.  Then Tara told me her parents said I could come to their house.  So I had to choose between them. The truth it, Tara acted like she wouldn't feel bad if I chose Liz, and Liz begged me to stay with her.  So I chose Liz.  Now Tara is mad at me.

My dress came in the mail today!  It actually doesn't look too bad!

Love ya!! xox