Tomorrow I go back to school and find out the dreaded news.  Is Aaron going to the banquet with Joni.  I hope not but I'm sure he is.  What reason does he have not to? I love him so much but Joni is trying to destroy me.  I just know it.

My mom got me a little Babs Bunny and Lindsey is all jelous.

Aaron please say no.  Please.  I love you too much for this to happen.

Oh well.  Bye.

P.S. I feel terrible thanks to my good friend Joni.

A note from adult Mindi:  This was the last time I ever wrote in this particular diary as a 13-year old.  There is one entry from when I was 14 that I'll post next week just for continuity sake (because 14-year-old Mindi very briefly touches on what happened with the Joni/Aaron drama).

When I was 15, I started using this book again regularly.  I'll wait to post anything from when I was 15 until after all the entries from when I was 14 are posted, though.