Today I got my hair cut. I hate Lindsey.  She is such an idiot.  Okay first she knocked down my mom's plant.  Then she knocked down the mirror.  The she sat on the roof of my mom's car and dented in the top.  Then when I was sitting on the reclining chair her and Carrie got my fingers stuck in it.  Now I have a blood blister.  Now you can see why I hate her.

But there's more.  Last night she told me that she told Aaron at the beginning of the school year (I think I'm going to die) She told him that I like him.

I feel so much hatred toward Lindsey I could spit.  (I could do tons more than that, but spit sounds nicer).

Colie the cat is sitting on my bed cleaning herself.  Instead of washing, Kandace calls it WORSHING.  Dee calls it WARSHING.  I don't get it.

Well maybe I'm mad at Aaron.  I wish he would call me or something.

Well, Bye.  Love,

P.S. It's funny how just 2 days ago, I missed Aaron so much. Now I hope I never see him again.