Well it turns out the reason Aaron wasn't at school yesterday is because he had an orthodontist appointment and he got his hair cut and he got some new clothes.  He looked really cute today! We had our Christmas party and at pizza and stuff like that.  Aaron eats hardly anything.  We also watched 2 movies.

I got my presents from my friends and I am sad because of 2 things.  One reason is because today was the last day of school until January.  I am also sad because I don't know who Aaron likes.  When Katie asked him a few weeks ago he said he might ask me to the banquet.

I think I am really in love with him.  I know that sounds stupid but... Oh yeah!  Guess what!  At Gary's today I called Aaron.  I probably sounded like a fool but I told him his hair looks nice.

During this boring vacation me and Katie might do something.